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Mercedes Benz A klasė

Mercedes Benz A klasė versions

  • 1.3 (163 HP) 5,8l/100km
    Hatchback Front wheel drive (FWD)
    28 786 € 200
  • 1.5 (116 HP) 4,1l/100km
    Hatchback Front wheel drive (FWD)
    29 899 € 180 d
  • 2.0 (224 HP) 6,2l/100km
    Hatchback Front wheel drive (FWD)
    34 739 € 250
Modification prices were last updated 2019-04-17
Prices are based on the pricelist of the manufacturer or sales representatives that were presented on their websites on the day of the renewal.
UAB "Diginet LTU" is not responsible for price changes and seller's ability to offer a specific modification car.

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