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Rules of use AUTOPLIUS.LT

1. General provisions

1.1. These Rules (hereinafter referred to as – the Rules) establish the procedure for using the website (hereinafter referred to as –, as well as the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other provisions of users.

1.2. is managed and administered by UAB DIGINET LTU, reg. 126222639, registered office address Saltoniškių str. 9b, Vilnius, VAT payer code LT262226314, registered in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - Supplier).

1.3. users are given the opportunity to place and view advertisements about the offered objects (hereinafter- the Advertisement), create topics in forums and express their opinion on already created topics, use other services provided on the website in accordance with these Rules. An user is a person who has posted or wishes to view the Advertisement or in any other form using (hereinafter- the User). For the purposes of these Rules, the Services (hereinafter referred to as– the Services) include all and any actions of the User that he may perform on, including, but not limited to, advertising the Ads, reading the published information, sending questions, submitting any information and / or data and receiving it (hereinafter referred to as – Services). Part of the Services provided by are provided to the User for a fee (hereinafter - Paid Services). The terms and conditions of the Paid Services may be specified in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website and / or on the order page of a specific Paid Service. Hereinafter, in these Rules, a reference to “Services” will include all Services, including Paid Services, and a reference to “Paid Services” will include only those Services for which the User pays.

1.4. The User expresses the consent to the Rules and the obligation to comply with them in any way and form using Persons who do not agree with at least one condition of the Rules are not entitled to use The sections of the website "Frequently Asked Questions", "Privacy Policy" are an integral part of the rules.

1.5. The Supplier only provides technical means for posting information on and is not a representative, agent, interested party or intermediary of any person.

1.6. The Supplier has the right to unilaterally change the services provided by and their taxation, any provisions of the Rules. If the User continues to use after changing, correcting or supplementing the Rules, it will mean the User's consent to the changes to the Rules.

2. Requirements for the content and form of Advertisements and other conditions for placing Advertisements on the website

2.1. By placing the Advertisement, the User assumes full responsibility for the compliance of its content with the terms of the Rules and the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. By providing data in the advertisement, the User confirms and guarantees that the information provided is true, accurate and complete.

2.2. The website database may contain Advertisements only about the sale or rental of vehicles, their parts and / or accessories. Users in their Advertisements, 24 hours after their placement, cannot adjust the basic information: the make and / or model of the vehicle in question.

2.3. The Advertisement must be placed only in the category assigned to it (for example, the advertisement for a passenger car cannot be placed in the motorcycle category).

2.4. Only one object is allowed to be published (displayed and described) in one Advertisement.

2.5. Change of the advertised object in the same Advertisement is no allowed. If the object was changed, the Supplier has a right to block the Advertisement without refunding the User.

2.6. On User can place and display only 1 (one) Advertisement of the same object in the same advertisement category.

2.7. Vehicles that are sold Advertisements must be deleted. In this case, the remaining display time of the Advertisement is not transferred to another Advertisement, nor can another object be placed in the existing Advertisement. In order to sell another item of the same make and model, a new Advertisement must be created. It is forbidden to place a new object on the basis of the old Advertisement.

2.8. The user is prohibited from:

2.8.1. In the Advertisement (comments, photos) to offer objects or services other than those indicated in the main information of the Advertisement, to provide false information about the properties of the advertised object;

2.8.2. In the comments of the Advertisement, indicate a price other than that indicated in the basic information or a price that does not correspond to the real market value. The price of the object must be indicated in the Advertisement with taxes. Advertisements that violate this prohibition are blocked;

2.8.3. To provide information in the Advertisement and other environments of that violates or may violate the valid legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, contradicts generally accepted ethical or moral norms or does not comply with the requirements of these Rules;

2.8.4. Advertise, publish information that mentions third parties directly or indirectly competing with the Supplier or their goods and / or services. Such information / references may be removed.

2.9. It is forbidden to offer an object in the Advertisement, which is sold or which the User does not have the right to dispose of. The User who placed the Advertisement must actually have such a proposed object. Advertisements that violate this prohibition will be blocked or moved to the bottom of the Advertisement Search Results list.

2.10. Photographs must depict the proposed object. It is forbidden to place any graphic images / letters / numbers / persons (eg logos, handwritten notes, telephone numbers, surnames) or a combination of photographs with graphic images / letters / numbers in place of the photographs of the proposed object. Photos can be edited by rotating or changing the order of them. Photos that do not depict the subject of the Advertisement, depict individuals, or have modified graphics may be deleted.

2.11. It is forbidden to place Advertisements that express a wish to buy or offer only an exchange service.

2.12. It is forbidden to use the website for illegal purposes, including, but not limited to:

2.12.1 submitting, publishing, sending and / or storing on the website content that would infringe any intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks, design, etc.);

2.12.2. submission, publication, sending and (or) storage on the website of content that would be offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, violate any person's right to image, name, privacy (addresses, personal identification code, etc.), honor and dignity, business reputation or other rights and freedoms;

2.12.3. submission, publication, sending and (or) storage of content on the website that would pose a threat to the security of the website or its database (programs or documents with viruses, etc.);

2.12.4. submission, publication, sending of information and / or storage of content on the website, the use of which is aimed at committing a criminal act (fraud, etc.). In case of suspicion of a possible illegal activity committed by the User, the Advertisements placed by the User may be blocked.

2.13. The conditions and instructions for placing the Advertisement are specified in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the website, as well as in the Advertisement placement environment. The price, duration and other conditions of a specific Advertisement are specified in the Advertisement Placement Plans. Advertisement placement plans are presented on the website by selecting the Advertisement category and filling in the advertisement data before making the payment. In case of uncertainties regarding the terms of the selected plan, the User should not place the Advertisement and must contact the Supplier in order to place it.

3. Paid services

3.1. On the website, the provided Services are paid for by transfer via bank, SMS message or in virtual currency - Plus (hereinafter - Plus). Paid services may be provided only after the User pays for them in accordance with the procedure established on the website. The User shall be deemed to have paid for the Paid Service when the Supplier actually receives the User's payment.

3.2. Users of can perform the following actions for a fee:

3.2.1. Place advertisements in paid ad categories;

3.2.2. Order paid additional services: Advertisement highlighting, advertisement uplifting, etc.

3.3. The price of the paid services depends on the Service Plan, the time of displaying the Advertisement, the category of the Advertisement, as well as on whether the User requests additional Services. The list of specific Paid Services, their prices and price calculation conditions, the procedure and terms of using the Services are indicated on the website, on the order page of each specific Paid Service, before making the payment. The full price list can also be found here. The User must read these terms and conditions before ordering the Services.

3.4. Plus is a virtual currency in which the User can pay for the Services provided by The purchase price of one Plus depends on how the Plus account is filled out. More detailed information on the ways of purchasing Plus can be found in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the website and in the "Refill your account" section of the logged-in User's environment. Purchases purchased through means other than those specified above (through third parties, etc.) are not valid and the Provider has the right to cancel such User Pluses and demand that the User compensate the losses incurred by the Provider.

3.5.Additional Services are specified in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website and in the Advertisement Placement Environment. 1 (one) hour after the order, the additionally ordered Services are considered to be provided and cannot be canceled, therefore the User must assess their need before ordering the additional Services. If the User deletes the Advertisement or makes it invisible (passive), the money for the additionally ordered Service is not refunded and its validity period is not extended or transferred to another Advertisement.

3.6. The Supplier has the right to restrict or terminate the provision of the Services for an indefinite period of time during preventive works. In this case, the User using the Paid Services is informed about the start of preventive works by e-mail and / or other notice not later than 1 (one) hour before the start of these works. In this case, the Supplier may, but is not obliged to, extend the provision of Paid Services to the User for the period during which the Paid Services were not provided, or provide Paid Services free of charge analogous to the Paid Services not provided (if the Paid Services are not continuous).

3.7. Upon restriction or suspension of the User's access to the Paid Services or the User's failure of non-timely receipt of the Paid Services for reasons other than the User's violation of these Rules and the cases specified in 1.6., 3.6., 4.1. the Supplier undertakes, at the request of the User, to extend the provision of Paid Services to the User for the period during which the Paid Services were not provided, or to provide Paid Services analogous to the Paid Services not provided (if the Paid Services are not continuous).

3.8. Fees for Advertisements that have been canceled and / or removed due to the User's violation of the provisions of these Rules are non-refundable.

3.9. One order for a Paid Service entitles the User to place one Advertisement, unless otherwise specified for a specific Service. By choosing the Paid Service according to a specific plan and / or for a specific period (for example, 30 days, etc.), the User undertakes to use this Service for at least the entire period of validity of the Paid Service (hereinafter– the Minimum Period). If the Advertisement transaction takes place before the end of the Minimum Period (for example, the vehicle is sold, etc.) or if the User cancels the Advertisement himself or if the Advertisement is canceled due to the User's fault, the unused Minimum Period will not be refunded or transferred to another Advertisement. After the Advertisement transaction, the User must remove the Advertisement so as not to mislead other visitors of the website.

3.10. If the User moves the Advertisement from active to passive, as well as suspends the display of the Advertisement due to the User's fault, the period of non-display of the Advertisement is included in the Minimum Period and the Minimum Period is not transferred or extended.

3.11. Upon completion of the Advertisement transaction, the balance of the Minimum Period is not transferred to another Advertisement and the User may not publish an old Advertisement in place of the new (next) Advertisement. If the User has adapted (intends to adapt) the Paid Service to another Advertisement (for example to a vehicle other than the original vehicle specified in the Advertisement), the Supplier has the right to cancel this Advertisement and warn the User or demand payment for such Advertisement as a newly published Advertisement. Such Ad will only be shown upon proper payment. If the user does not agree to pay, the Advertisement is canceled.

3.12. If the parties' contract is terminated before the Minimum Period due to the fault of the User or on his own initiative, the User must pay the Supplier compensation equal to the part of the specific Paid Service fee ordered by the User from the date of withdrawal until the end of the Minimum Period. This compensation is deducted from the price of the Paid Service paid by the User.

3.13.The prices of advertisement placement and additional services (highlighting, etc.) are indicated in the Advertisement placement environment before ordering them.

3.14. 1 hour after booking, additional ordered services cannot be canceled.

4. Consequences of breaking the rules

4.1. When placing the Advertisement, the User must follow the instructions for placing the Advertisement on the website and these Rules. Depending on the nature of the violation, the Supplier has the right to edit Advertisements that do not comply with the Rules or legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, block their visibility to all Users, or move the Advertisements to the end of their search results list.

4.2. The User shall be informed about the sanctions applied for the violation of the Rules by the e-mail specified during registration. The Supplier's right specified in this clause does not release the User from the responsibility for the compliance of the provided information with reality and legal acts. In case of violation of the rules, additional ordered services are canceled and the money is not refunded.

4.3. Without separate notice, the Supplier may perform small actions of editing the Advertisement if the entry in the Advertisement differs from the image seen in the photographs: The position of the steering wheel in the Advertisement may be adjusted to (from) left / right; the condition of the vehicle can be changed to crashed / unbroken.

4.4. The Supplier reserves the right to terminate the User's access to or use of services at any time without prior notice for violations of the Rules or legal acts.

5. Limitation of Liability

5.1. The Supplier is only responsible for the technical placement of the information provided in the Advertisement on, if the Advertisement complies with all the requirements of the Rules, and for the technical support of the database of this website.

5.2. The Supplier shall not be liable for the discrepancy between the information provided in the Advertisement and its content. The Supplier shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User or third parties due to the content of the Advertisement and / or their placement on

5.3. It is considered that the use of is performed flawlessly, if the website or its database can be fully used 90% of the time per year. The Supplier shall not be liable for any malfunctions of or its database caused by reasons beyond the Supplier's control.

5.4. The User is responsible for the proper use of the login name, password, editing code. The Supplier shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the User as a result of the use of this information by third parties.

6. Personal data

6.1. During the registration or later using Autoplius, the Personal Data provided by the Customer or collected by the Supplier in other ways is processed by the Supplier, i. y. collect, use, store, transmit, only lawfully, transparently and fairly, for pre-determined purposes, and only to the extent necessary to achieve those purposes. The Supplier processes the Customer's personal data in accordance with these Rules, as well as the procedure established in the privacy policy.

6.2. Personal data is processed in order to properly provide services to Users (to place advertisements, to provide information on the sale of relevant products, to order a certain service, etc.). The User's data is also processed for the purpose of registration and administration of the database of advertisements on the website system and for the purpose of direct marketing and advertising campaigns (direct marketing games, quizzes, competitions). The Supplier will collect and store Personal Data electronically and, if necessary, provide extracts of such Personal Data in other forms.

7. Intellectual property rights

7.1. The Supplier is the owner of all rights to the content of and has the exclusive right to use them. All trademarks, designs, names, logos, etc. provided by are the property of the Supplier or the Supplier has the right to use them.

7.2. Any processing, copying and / or other use of content, design and / or other use by third parties without the written permission of the Supplier and / or in violation of the Rules is a violation of copyright and other rights, punishable under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. This restriction does not apply to Users with respect to their Advertisements.

7.3. The User agrees that the Supplier has the right to use the Photographs of the Advertisements for the promotional purposes of his company without disclosing the personal information of the User. The User agrees that his Advertisements and other content published by the User, including any intellectual property, become part of the website database, are stored and used by the Supplier or its authorized persons for an indefinite period of time, unless otherwise provided in these Rules. Neither the Supplier nor any other third party using the Advertisements and / or other content published by the User will be obliged to pay the User royalties or other remuneration for the use of such content.

8. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

8.1. The activities of the website are carried out in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. Any disputes arising from the activities of the website or related to it will be resolved through negotiations, and in case of failure to reach an agreement - in the competent court of the Republic of Lithuania.

8.2. Disputes arising between the Supplier and businessmen shall be settled in the court of the place of domicile of UAB Diginet LTU.

8.3. The non-entrepreneur user must first submit a request and / or complaint regarding the activities and services of to the Supplier in writing and indicate his requirements. Please send such letters to [email protected] If you do not agree with the Supplier's answer, the User may apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service, website, or fill in the application form on the Electronic Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform at Legal disputes are heard in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts.

9. Information security measures

9.1. The Supplier shall process the User's personal data in such a way as to ensure adequate security of personal data by appropriate technical or organizational measures, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing of data and against unintentional loss, destruction or damage

9.2. The Supplier reminds that the User is responsible for the confidentiality of the Login data. The Supplier requests caution when using and storing Login Data. The User should log out of the browser after completing the work to make sure that no one will access the User's e-mail, personal information, especially when the User uses a publicly available computer (eg Internet cafe, library).

10. Final provisions

10.1. The Rules will enter into force from the moment the User confirms that he agrees with them and will be valid for the entire period of the relationship between the User and the Supplier.

10.2. As improves and develops in order to ensure more convenient and safer use of, the Supplier has the right to unilaterally change the Rules. The Supplier shall notify the User about the changes in the Rules by announcing it on The amendments to the Rules will take effect from the date of their publication on

10.3. By continuing to use, including but not limited to the extension of the Services, ordering new Services, editing and / or updating the Advertisements after the amendments to the Rules enter into force, the User confirms that he has read such amendments and fully agrees with them. The Services ordered before the amendment of the Rules shall be provided in the order and terms set forth in the Rules in force at that time.